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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between standard and tempered glass?

Standard and tempered glass differ in the way they’re processed. Standard varieties use an annealing process that forces the glass to cool rapidly. While traditional glass can be reworked, cut, reshaped, and polished without breaking, the faster annealing process makes the finished product much more fragile.

Tempered glass is heat-treated using formulated chemical treatments, compressing its surface, and leaving the resulting product around four times stronger than traditional varieties.

What should the thickness be of the glass in shower doors?

Glass shower doors come in different thincknesses. The thickness of the shower doors is defined by their application and design specifications.

The frameless shower doors don’t have any frame support, so the shower screen should at least be 3/8 inches thick for proper operation.

Shower door hardware selections

Shower door hardware is another option to consider. Different types of handles, pulls and hinges are available in a wide range of styles and finishes. Some people want the shower door hardware to match the other finishes.

Where would you install a glass railing?

Glass railing are a beautiful addition to a home, office, or apartment building. Whether indoors overlooking a lobby from the second floors, or outside on balconies, a glass railing prevents your view from being obstructed.

Do your railings come in different heights?

Our standard heights are 36 inches and 42 inches. We can make railings any height to accommodate various situations to meet the building code requirements.

Does water leak out of the frameless shower doors?

The frameless shower enclosure comes without metal framing so it seems like the frameless shower doors may be unable to hold the water inside the shower area, but…that’s not the case.

The frameless shower doors are designed according to the measurements of the bathroom to avoid water leaks. Moreover, plastic door seals are used to prevent water from leaving the shower area.

The tempered glass I ordered does not fit. Can you cut tempered glass to fix its size?

Once glass has gone through the tempering process, that piece of glass cannot be changed.

Are glass railing safe?

Tempered glass, which is commonly used in glass railings is four times stronger than regular glass. Some people may worry when they see glass railings or even glass floors in some buildings; however, there are actually glass materials that are more durable and safer than some floor materials. Once again it is important that you are getting the right materials for your project.

How do I get railing or stair pricing?

The size and shape and style of your railing system will determine the final price. For an estimate send us a drawing with dimensions by e-mail, this drawing does not need to be an architectural drawing and can be a hand sketch.

Do you make commercial and residential railings?

Yes, we provide building code-compliant railings for both commerical and residential projects. Whether you are a homeowner, builder, contractor, or achitect we work with your specifications to create the railings you desire.